Jacob W. Archambault is a philosopher, programmer, and logician residing in Louisville, KY.

Jacob holds a PhD in philosophy and Doctoral Certificate in Medieval Studies from Fordham University. His main academic research is in the history philosophy of logic, focusing on the notion of formal consequence and its development in medieval philosophy. Besides this, Jacob has published across a wide variety of areas – including the philosophy of computing, the history of physics, religion, and metaphysics – for both specialized and non-specialized audiences. He has taught courses on ethics, human nature, Latin and classics across secondary and post-secondary levels of education, and has presented his work to professional audiences across three continents.

Jacob currently works as a full stack C# .NET developer. His coding competencies outside the .NET stack include OWL, Python, SQL, and Java. When not communicating with computers, he reads Latin (including manuscripts), French, and German.

You can find Jacob’s academic papers at his Academia.edu page, his popular writing at Medium.com, and his coding projects at GitHub.