My Research

Jacob W. Archambault is a PhD Candidate and teaching fellow at Fordham University. He wants to know what logic is about. So he asks (and tries to answer) questions about the domain of logic, the relation between logic and metaphysics, and about whether logic can or should provide a theory of truth. His current historical work is on the development of the concept of formal consequence associated with the 14th century Parisian tradition. His more contemporary work focuses on: the nature, subject, and foundations of logic; ontology; and time and tense.

Jacob specializes in History and Philosophy of Logic, Medieval Philosophy, and Metaphysics. His areas of competence include: Early Modern Philosophy (especially Leibniz); history of analytic philosophy; Ancient philosophy; Phenomenology; Ethics, and Philosophy of Human Nature. He reads French and Latin (including manuscripts). He currently resides in New Haven, Connecticut with his wife, Amanda, and two children, Elijah and Estelle.